For over 20 years, MTS has been a respected training and consulting company. We have helped organizations in every industry achieve organizational excellence.

MTS designs and delivers value-added training solutions.

Our services have helped organizations achieve increased levels of communication, performance, productivity, quality, safety, morale, and customer satisfaction.

We extend our training with targeted follow-up coaching to ensure that new skills, behaviors, and processes are applied and maintained in the workplace.

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Key Skills for Supervisory Success

The rules have changed. Today’s supervisors have to be ready to deal with so much more. In addition to monitoring, controlling, and motivating, they are expected to supervise employees from four generations, diverse backgrounds, and varying beliefs. They are expected to do all of that while retaining top talent and maintaining a high level of personal accountability. It’s a lot. Fortunately, MTS has the training supervisors need to make it all happen. Learn More...

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